Resore photo date

Restore your photo to the date when taken

Are your photo files date incorrect, for example because you downloaded a back-up from Google or Microsoft?

Restore photo date is an app the restore photo files to their original creation date

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5 min shower

Save money, energy and water with this handy app.

5 minute shower helps to shower within 5 minutes, the application tracks the time you spend showering, gives signals when your half way, when your are 4 minutes under the shower and at 5 minutes a signal is given. If you decided to continue showering after 5 minutes, every extra minute a signal is given. When you are done, you can see the total time you spend under the shower.

The shower timer is created because of the large number of hourglasses and digital timers that break within the year, which doesn't save money and doesn't help the environment.

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An online single & multiplayer match 3 card game

A free to play card game optimized for mobile. Play against a computer or against friends and family. Try to clear you hand and deck as fast as possible, to fastest one wins the game!

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